MyChart: What You Need to Know

MyChart is your on-line Connection to Framingham Pediatrics.  

  • For patients under 13 years of age, a proxy account will provide access to a patient's medical record.  If a proxy has more than one child in our office, they will only need ONE login to access each child's record.
  • For patients 13 - 17 years of age, a proxy can still have access, though somewhat limited due to adolescent confidentiality.  In addition, the patient will need their own account which will allow full access to their medical record, allow them to complete pre-visit questionairres and make virtual visits possible.
  • For patients 18 years of age and older, NO proxy account is available (except under very limited circumstances).  Proxy accounts will automatically be terminated.  Therefore, patients must have their own account to maintain access to their medical records and all the features listed below.

While most of these features are available from either a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, sometimes they are maximized for use on a desktop computer.  Click here to see how to set up MyChart on your smartphone.


Please give these features a try:

Schedule a visit:

  • Routine well visit up to a year in advance
  • Same day/Next day sick appointment with your provider or our nurse practitioner
  • Urgent sick appointment on Saturday/Sunday/Holiday mornings.  (these appointment slots become available after midnight on the day of the visit)

Secure Email:

You can send a secure, non-urgent, email to your provider.  If you have a more urgent matter that you would like to discuss, please call the office.

Upload documents:

You can send us any type of document (ie., camp forms, IEP or neuropsych testing, etc).  Click here to see how to upload a document/photo/video (the guide is slightly different, but the steps are very similar).

Virtual Meeting:

You can have a virtual visit with one of our providers, including your own provider or our behavioral health or nutrition provider.


You have full access to all letters written by the practice, including school health forms and excuse letters.


You can update your demographics or insurance information

Refill requests:

Either a proxy or a patient can simply click on the medication on their list to request a refill.

Referral requests:

Please provide the following information

  • your best contact number, in case we have questions
  • the name of the provider being seen and NPI number (if available)
  • their office name, location and specialty
  • date and time of the appointment
  • their office fax number

Complete pre-visit questionnaires before coming to the office:

We know there are a lot of forms to fill out at the office. We consider the surveys to be an important part of the care we provide to your family. Filling them out in advance saves you time at the office and makes our time with your family more efficient.

Bill pay:

Pay an outstanding balance or pre-pay a co-pay.