Vaccines for Infants Are More Important Than Ever

We believe that you can feel safe bringing your children to our office and we urge you to be sure that your children 18 months old and younger get their well child care on schedule.

While there is not yet a vaccine for Covid-19, we want to remind our families of the importance of keeping our most vulnerable patients fully vaccinated, especially those under 18 months of age. We certainly don't want to see an increase in cases of meningitis, pneumonia, measles or any other vaccine-preventable disease during this time of incredible stress on our health care system.

We have taken many steps to be sure that our office is safe and clean during this time so that all of our patients can safely receive all of their well care and vaccines on time and on schedule.

Some of our efforts to keep our office environment safe for our youngest patients are:

  • Limiting visitors to the office to only ONE adult and no siblings for each patient.
  • Vigorous cleaning and disinfecting of high touch areas in the office.
  • Keeping our waiting room empty by checking in patients remotely and having them wait in the car until they can be brought directly into an exam room.
  • Continuing to use Telehealth for the initial evaluation of patients with fever.
  • We have removed stickers from the exam rooms and books from the waiting room in an effort to limit the spread of virus in the office.